Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

The new Aman Fire Protection Consultants Head Offices are located in the Al Muzn Life Style Center Shopping Mall in Al Mawaleh, Al Seeb, Sultanate of Oman. The offices cover a main premise of a total of 566 SQM split between functions such as closed offices, open offices, conference rooms, entertainment and others.

 Creating a new ambiance for a business is as important as designing the brand itself. Further to the space in which the employees will work, create and be inspired has requirements of configuration that will lead to better productivity and happiness for all involved in the process of creating the firm’s image.

Being in a window-less space, DAZ used light as a Symbolic character for the new Aman offices design. It is proven that the light has a direct impact on productivity, health conditions, motivation, and satisfaction rates of the employees. In our internal Partitions, we inserted vertical strips of light that will allow each office to breathe and be lit. We also maximized our transparent partitions. Of course, lamps and lighting installations are only partial for the whole search of a light for the design project.

DAZ decided to open the space as much as possible dividing it into work places at desks, the space for work in small groups, meetings, rest and integration. DAZ followed the idea of introducing the maximum lighting and visibility into our dark interior. Our open spaces and glass walls allowed transparency from the outside all the way to the interior and between the offices. The central conference room is the main centerpiece that allows the transcendence of light and transparency.

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