chnaniir, lebanon

Totalling a plot area of 810 SQM, the plot is on the edge of a cliff which is a privileged spot overlooking the surroundings and offering wonderful views and an exceptional orientation. The House is located in Channiir, at 500m altitude in the Mount Lebanon district. Villa CH730 can be found on a mountainside that falls towards the North, and the access street is located on the south at the top part of the slope. The building site is overgrown on a steeply inclined hillside with a wide prospect over the inclined valley of Chnaniir. Taking advantage of the 25m slope towards the river, the incline played a pivotal role in the massing and shape of this villa.

The Basic conceptual idea behind this project was to build a home with three main objectives: achieving a good adaptation in the overall streetscape, inserting the building into the topography of the original terrain and implanting the client program: the result, conserving the environment with a potential of altering different views.

Due to its mass, solidity and firmness, the monolithic volume is wrapped entirely with a monotone grey cladding and softened with the use of wood finished cladding. Windows of variety shapes and sizes puncture the façade throughout.  Villa CH730 makes a grand statement on the exterior, but on the inside, the space focuses on privacy and the daily activities of the family.

The road and pedestrian traffic to the house is directly accessible from the upper road. The sloped house has four levels, but thanks to its steep site, approaching from the street, sits only two storeys above the ground while the rest of the residence cascades down the hill, forming a support to the parallelepiped module. The house has 567 SQM of modern living spaces and these spaces were distributed according to functionality and orientation, ensuring a flawless circulation. Our spaces are seamlessly connected across horizontal and vertical circulation across different levels. 

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