Sultanate of Oman
The Two Villas B87 plot is bordered by several main roads in the Bausher Area, one of them being the Connection between Al Aamarat and the Muscat Express Way. The land covers 1,120 SQM (40mx28m) and the Built-up area is around 765 SQM. The location of the plot and its surrounding played a pivotal role in the massing and shape of our villas. Being surrounded by highways, we focused our design on alternative views such as Internal Courtyards and a Fifth Facade which emphasized the view towards the Mountain of Muraywah in Jabal of Al Amarat in order to take full advantage of the spectacular mountain views.  

The orientation of the design relied heavily on practical passive solar design - maximizing natural daylight into living spaces and facilitating good air flow throughout the Villas. Most of the natural light is provided by the openings puncturing the street-facing side, along with light wells and the internal courtyard, especially on the facades that are most exposed to the sun.   We allowed large openings to play their role on the northern orientation as this facade is the least exposed to the sun: the panoramic view and large glass facades allow the accentuated view towards the Mountains of Muraywah and Jabal Al Amarat. 

Terraces, visual frames, windows, and a central courtyard form the palette of perforation strategies that transgress the purity of its geometry.   Most of the natural light is instead provided by the windows puncturing the street-facing side, along with light wells. The light wells/voids, are a signature of the project which enhance the inside our spaces. To improve living quality, we created an air well and a pocket garden in the middle of each Villa.  
The Courtyard is surrounded by the Vertical Circulation and key functions are placed and stacked around to the courtyard.  The beautiful free-hanging staircase looks floating on to the green background of the plant life. Completely open on both sides, through floor-to-ceiling, the floors become merged with the gardens and brings the natural plant life inside the home.  

The design simplicity contradicts the sustainable passive heating/cooling systems the house is built around.  The application of voids, raked ceilings and an operable skylight offers wonderful cross-ventilation throughout. 

The simplistic white volumes of the architectural shell is defined by smooth lines, white finishes and deep spaces with clear influence from modernism.  The designed areas are distributed over 4 floors: ground floor first floor, Penthouse for each villa and a common basement. The villas are a bold experimentation with the merger of austere and clear lined contemporary architecture and the vivid greenery of the surrounding natural giving’s. Each Villa’s territory is clearly defined by the separating wall and the green bushes. 

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