we sketch your vision

Everything great starts from an idea and at Daz, idea is everything. Picking that picture right from the client’s vision however vague is very important. Assessing your need before the design phase is key in delivering projects on time and on budget. It’s a bit like a first date, before committing on a relationship.
In order to assess the feasibility of your dreams, we conduct a Vision and Strategy Review to help you fully understand your requirements; to make you see the end from the beginning and bring to your awareness any constraints and potential roadblocks of the project. We know from many years of experience: spending some extra time planning things carefully, always pays off.
Adjusting your ideas about what needs to be built before starting the design phase is both easy and free and by the time we start on the actual design, the war is half won.
All our masterpieces have sprout from those hazy ideas we get by listening out to our clients sometimes excavating those wild dreams from the depths of their sub conscious but most importantly, from working together and making the client a part of the entire process.