muscat, sultanate of oman

new location is a prime location within the area, bounded by major highways, buildings, landmarks and the sea view. The new offices will house three companies: Altius Holding LLC, Travel Center and SpaceTech.  DAZ must work with the purpose of presenting three different identities while maintaining the one office spirit.

The interior reflects the ideological tres of modern design and confidence with a simple and pure style into the bright future of the company offices.  Creating their one working space aimed for identifying and creating a space that was reflective of the company’s cultures and brand.

The Altius Holding Offices is an urban park encouraging interaction between employees while communicating the Company’s brand values and identity.  Our interior showcases a variety of products in a minimalist setting, allowing material, pattern, color and technique to take center stage.  The offices interpenetrate with one another, giving the possibility to be freely adapted to the general office space. The space is a combination of functional, modern office zone solutions with a characteristic trait dedicated to each sub-company. Thanks to the interpenetrating zones.

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