2B87 Villas

Bausher, Sultanate of Oman

The Two Villas B87 are situated in Bausher Area, bordered by major roads including the Al Amarat-Muscat Express Way. This 1,120 SQM plot with a 765 SQM built-up area is strategically influenced by its surroundings. Highways prompted a focus on unique views like Internal Courtyards and a Fifth Facade, highlighting the stunning Mariyah Mountain in Jabal Al Amarat.

Passive solar design guides the layout, maximizing natural light and airflow. Street-facing openings, light wells, and courtyards offer ample illumination, especially on sun-exposed sides. The north facade features large glass facades framing captivating mountain views.

Terraces, windows, and a central courtyard break the geometry, adding character. Light wells enhance the interiors, creating air wells and pocket gardens for improved living quality. Vertical circulation surrounds the courtyard, connecting key functions. The open staircase merges with greenery, bridging indoors and outdoors.

Sustainability meets simplicity with voids, raked ceilings, and operable skylights for cross-ventilation. The white, modernist architectural shell spans 4 floors: ground, first, penthouse, and a common basement. The villas blend contemporary architecture and lush surroundings, defined by walls and greenery.

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