891 House

Chnaniir, Lebanon

The house is located in an especially beautiful site, surrounded by panoramic views that extend toward the city and the sea. The project proposes integration into the environment respecting the strategies of adaptation to nature and its materials. For a maximum use of the space, the roof is used an open air terrace and we added a swimming pool so the residents can enjoy the views and the surroundings.

The volume is divided into horizontal slices; each slice is treated in a different way with different materials.

We provided an integration of natural cuts in the terrain, as the face and the base of certain rooms, in order to transmit the feeling of the earth with its smells and changes in humidity and shades.  The slices are then pushed and modeled on both sides: our volume starts to appear.

We organized the required functional program in a rational and coherent manner with conditions of the plot (the living area is pushed to the front to enhance the view). We used materials such as exposed concrete, wood and natural stones, to enhance the separation of the volume. 

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