Adma 99

Adma, Lebanon

Being next to the Casino and close to several hotels, resorts and touristic destinations, the site has great potential of hosting a multi-purpose project.  The site provides a good setting to host a public intervention as well.

The proposal takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape, and context reflected through the pierced structure inspired from Jounieh’s highway and how it pierced through the landscape, acting as a spine to serve the function along both of its side. The emphasis of the design was set upon creating two elements, shaped by their smooth decoration upward resembling the original landscape and available view of the store.

Element is the continuation of the Highway which pierces through the topography, and it functions just the same as a spine distributing the flow to the function along its sides, the degradation of the volumes was inspired by the topography of the site and by its direction which is towards the sea view.

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