muscat, sultanate of oman

into various spaces: a place to think, a place to meet, a place to present, a place to exhibit and a place to celebrate.

As in a city, the square is the fulcrum of life, because it is a place of exchange and interaction, so in a company’s office space it becomes fundamental having a central place where priority is teamwork, communication, ease of movement. The office layout transforms itself, no more individual stations, cubicles and few meeting rooms, but flexible spaces where people can communicate, exchange ideas, move but also work where they better perform their tasks.

We introduced circular volumes to break the straightness and have a playful space of geometric volumes. These niches create a positive within a large negative space. They create subspaces within this large open space, giving the whole a sense of togetherness. They create a borderline between 2 departments while having an open space.

Being a town like plan, we decided incorporate the greenery into our negative spaces and between the offices, becoming green separators.


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