hospitality & leisure
chnaniir, lebanon

The project’s vision is to establish an emotional and visual link between the site and the luxurious function of a country club. What do you see? Blue, greens and reds: a signature of a beautiful site overlooking the bay of Jounieh. And a place where shareholders come to enjoy breaking free from the noise of life at our cities in a very peaceful green land.

// To build with and for nature’s flow//

While maximizing the footprint of the project in a way that takes advantage of its long perimeter with surrounding landscape, we decided to fold the long strip of functions to maximize diversity in views. With a site that is sloped, we stacked different functions allowing each function to overlap other elements of the built and the landscape.

Inspired by the traditional Lebanese pitched roof, we started with a monotone roof covering the whole project. As different functions have different needs of light, ventilation and views, we sliced the roof vertically and distributed the openings in what seems to be random but actually a direct response to the site. This created the unique roof shape of the building created of multiple smaller tectonic “Lebanese houses”.

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