Al Riyah Hotel

Master Planning
Al Sifah, Sultanate of Oman

This project is envisioned as a meeting point for different cultural and leisure circuits, with the goal of using the same space for daytime and nocturnal activities in a sustainable fashion that impacts its surrounding. The idea was for it to become an intended destination for visitors, residents and tourists in all of Sultanate of Oman.

The project proposes an “oasis” surrounded by a ring-shaped building. The later includes many functions, from hospitality to leisure, distributed in a luxurious way, overviewing the tropical landscape that enhances the feeling of “the sweet escape”. In addition, the movement of the wind in the area that naturally creates a dune in the Sahara, inspired the “RIYAH” concept giving the building its shape and its enclosed courtyard that limits these winds.

Deluxe villas are scattered amongst the landscape, fashioned in a way not to disrupt this “jungle”. This disposition gives each villa its own ambiance allowing visitors to each experience his own adventure based on his taste. Finally, the visitors of Riyah Beach Resort benefit from a list of amenities – spa, gym, restaurants, events venue, in addition to the different activities located all over the project giving them the whole experience of healing and resting.

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