bahla, sultanate of oman.

The idea of this project is to create a housing Community in continual evolution.  With time, Averda’s Worker Community will grow and the portacabin prototypes will grow accordingly. This is possible because the structure is made of prefabricated and modular components. These Prototypes can be modified in different sizes. The materials used for the construction of the residences are of high durability.

The conventional design and planning approach of our labor camp includes quick and cheap fabrication, urban quality, health and safety parameters, modularity and transportability as well as temporality.

Our main goal is to break the traditional labor camps stacking of volumes and introduce courtyards, green spaces and piazzas where labors can gather. A ‘worker community’ replaces the ‘labor camps’. Planning will play a much more significant role in our design. The goal will be to generate a worker community which will provide necessary amenities.

The idea is to create a totally pedestrian area where it is promoted the use of bicycles and public transport. Inspired by after work activities done by labors, we decided to create gathering areas that are connected to each other by walkways. Between the buildings there are green areas to facilitate communication and encounters between people who use these spaces.

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