Back to Nature

Hospitality & Leisure
Chnaniir, Lebanon

Back To Nature is an outdoor escape in the hills of Chnaniir. Back to nature also hosts fun activities for children and events. It’s a creative and fun way to foster a love of the outdoors. The Terrain is located on a slope looking at the valley that dominates jounieh.

The plan resulted in a series of volumes stacked above each other to form a space for everyone. The modular project using shipping containers creates a modern and unique look. The surprising element in our design is the orange colored vertical standing container, a vibrant color providing a bright contrast to the building’s grey colors. The shipping containers provide a low cost solution to gathering people under one roof.

Back to nature by its nature and architectural conception creates a link with its surrounding forests. We’ve endeavored to preserve as many trees as possible but letting the trees cut openings into our ceilings which also allow natural daylight to filter into the building.

The design lends a great level of freedom to the composition by playing with its volumes and avoiding traditional simple stacking mode which would have referred to the traditional function of a container in a linear way. The trick was to play with the different positions of the containers providing transparency and lightness to the building and enriching the indoor and outdoor spaces.  These containers contain both form and space. Together they form an abstract but strong sign. Minimum effort, maximum output.

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