Ooredoo Offices Move

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

The ideal office is divided into various spaces: a place to think, a place to meet, a place to present, a place to exhibit and a place to celebrate.

Similar to how a city's central square serves as a pivotal hub for social interactions and exchanges, within a corporate office environment, it is essential to establish a central focus that prioritizes collaborative teamwork, effective communication, and fluid mobility. The configuration of the office space undergoes a transformation, escaping individual workstations and enclosed cubicles in favor of adaptable zones that facilitate communication, idea sharing, movement, and optimal task performance.

To introduce a dynamic element and mitigate rigid lines, circular architectural volumes were integrated, creating a playful realm of geometric shapes. These niches generate positive focal points within a larger negative space, effectively outlining sub-environments within the expansive open area, thus fostering a sense of unity. Simultaneously they serve as a contrast between two departments while maintaining an overall open ambiance.

Adopting an urban-like blueprint, we opted to infuse greenery into our open spaces and office zones, serving as verdant dividers.


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