Private Club

Hospitality & Leisure
Chnaniir, Lebanon

The project envisions establishing a harmonious emotional and visual connection between the site and the lavish essence associated with a country club. The color palette evokes serene imagery - blues, greens, and reds - symbolic of the captivating vantage point overseeing the bay of Jounieh. It is a sanctuary where stakeholders seek solace from the urban chaos, amidst tranquil verdant landscapes.

‘To build with and for nature’s flow’

In a strategic approach to make optimal use of the project's extensive perimeter and the surrounding landscape, we adopted a design that organically integrates the array of functions, enhancing the diversity of panoramic views. Given the site's sloping terrain, we strategically layered distinct functions, allowing for seamless integration between architectural elements and the natural surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the classic Lebanese pitched roof design, we commenced with a unified roof that envelops the entirety of the project. To accommodate varying requirements for light, ventilation, and scenic perspectives, the roof underwent deliberate vertical segmentation, resulting in openings distributed seemingly at random, yet in precise accordance with the site's contours. This innovative approach yielded the distinctive roof configuration reminiscent of an assemblage of interconnected "Lebanese houses" with their distinct tectonic identities.

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