Shatti 20

Shatti, Sultanate of Oman

Shatti 20 is an irregular stack of 5 curving/undulated floor plates of volumes subtracted/ scooped from each floor plate in order to provide a dynamic approach that give the building a sense of movement and leave space for terraces on the ground floor and the penthouse. Shatti 20 is inspired by the wind and its moves. Slabs with a curvilinear outline avoid a bulk and static volume. The curvilinear architecture is the result of geometry that creates a building that both accessible from multiple directions and smooth; an architecture that is open and inviting to the public. The curvilinear design differentiates it from most of the surrounding monumental architecture. Undulation gives the impression that the building is never-ending with its lack or sharp corners.

The building sits on a glass base, allowing transparency to public areas and in and out of the building. The Façade is a combination transparency on the ground floor and penthouse and bold offices clearly differentiating whats public from whats private). At the same time, the façade gives the “see but not seen” impression for the offices, allowing its privacy from the outside.

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