hospitality & leisure
riyadh, saudi arabia

The circle is the most common and universal sign found in all cultures. It is the symbol of life. It is the perfect symbol of completeness and eternity, it is a pure form, yet life isn’t perfect, which is why we chose the ellipse, a distorted form of the circle.

The ellipse is the representation of all imperfectability, and infection. The stratification of the ellipses helps animate the project vertically and bring it back to life. The transition which consists of a band of steel that runs around the building starts from the Ground Floor and ends at the Sixth Floor. This reflects the transcendences of life. The activities/functions end at the sixth floor where the royal suites are located and a beautiful garden resembling paradise.

Usually hospital designs are very static; we at DAZ ARCHITECTS have decided to take a new approach: since the hospital’s main purpose is to maintain life, we also tried to bring life to our hospital by trying to rectify the imperfections.

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