muscat grand mall, sultanate of oman.

Semsom is a Lebanese diner that serves Lebanese cuisine with a twist. Located in Beirut, Kuwait, Jeddah and Dubai, and soon in Muscat Grand Mall in Sultanate Of Oman. The Muscat Grand Mall - a "sparkling jewel" in Muscat's commercial crown - is the largest mall in Oman. Located in the Al Khuwair district, the Grand Mall is a contemporary Arabic souk encompassing over 61,000 square meters of retail, residential and commercial space. 

The project will occupy 261 sqm with a 45 sqm of outdoor terrace located on the main facade of the mall. The main element in Semsom outlets concept is the main library, a main pillar to remind of the Lebanese origins. It is filled with memorabilia, books, and pictures of the Lebanese culture. The space is minimalist and exposes the Lebanese culture in a modern approach by using the photography and the modern ornamented materials, colors and furniture.

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