muscat, sultanate of oman

An Island is by definition an isolated tract of land thus our intention to minimize this residence contact with neighboring surroundings and focus it/s opening to a main view of the horizon. The villa opens up to the different atrium and mainly on the main central atrium with its terraces in an unrestricted manner, and the only way to get into the garden is through all U shape living spaces. The villa is half closed to the outside and open to the Atrium.

Maximizing the lagoon view and minimizing the neighbor’s views toward adjacent plots by implementing natural stone wall that devise from compound wall to inside the villa.  Each space has over view over the unique patio or inner Atrium. This prompted idea of Atrium leading inside the villa from all neighbors sides which become possible to combine group of plots and removing the boundary walls but some time keeping the Atrium walls creating semi closed space.

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