AL Amarat Master Plan

Master Planning
Al Amarat, Sultanate of Oman

The concept behind this project was to create a central hub where diverse cultural and recreational elements converge. The objective was to utilize a single space to accommodate a wide array of daytime and nighttime activities in an environmentally conscious manner that would influence its surroundings positively.

The aspiration was for this space to evolve into an essential destination for tourists, locals, and professionals in Al Amarat.

The project's "experience zone" proposals ingeniously incorporate a platform that seamlessly blends human and natural elements. Through a straightforward yet impactful linear design, the entire proposal takes shape as a cohesive and distinct entity.

Within the context of the area's low-income population, Al Amarat provides an opportunity for them to enjoy their day without straining their finances. In the course of exploring the terrain, we stumbled upon a well, leading us to incorporate a lake into our masterplan. This lake, along with the encompassing project, contributes to the broader objective of creating a dynamic and sustainable hub that benefits the community and its surroundings.

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