Azyan Telecom Headquarter

Kom City, Russail, Sultanate of Oman

The proposal is the result of technical requirements that follow the installation of antennas on the roof of the building. Telecom Antennas cannot be surrounded by vertical volumes for the radiations not to be blocked. Hence, a stepped sloped roof is the only reasonable solution to this technical issue. The roof thus houses the 5 antennas and turns into an accessible roof garden above the commercial area.

Two courtyards are introduced to bring green spaces into the entrances, to give the volume a more acceptable mass, to introduce light in between the buildings, to divide each department per areas and to shape up the buildings slope.


The form of the building slopes as it rises following one continuous loop, allowing for a gradual transition from public to private. The building looks as if it has been pulled from one side all the way to the 6th floor. The incline provides room for a series of stepped platforms that will be a support tray for these antennas. On a higher level, the VIP offices have their own terrace overlooking KOM city. Its unusual form, which slopes up from the first floor level to an almost 20 meters height (6 floors) point at its north-west corner, is designed to provide views of the city for as many visitors as possible and allow no radiation interference for the antennas.

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