Health Hospital

Hospitality & Leisure
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The circle stands as a universally recognized symbol present across diverse cultures, embodying the concept of unity and perpetuity. It serves as a representation of vitality and infinity. However, the real world is characterized by imperfections, prompting our selection of the ellipse—a morphed interpretation of the circle.

The ellipse is the representation of all imperfectability, and infection. The stratification of the ellipses helps animate the project vertically and bring it back to life. The transition which consists of a band of steel that runs around the building starts from the Ground Floor and ends at the Sixth Floor. This reflects the transcendences of life. The activities/functions end at the sixth floor where the royal suites are located and a beautiful garden resembling paradise.

Typically, hospital design is characterized by static configurations. However, at DAZARCHITECTS, we opted for an innovative stance. Given that hospitals fundamentally sustain life, we endeavored to infuse vivacity into our design, endeavoring to rectify inherent imperfections much akin to the human experience.

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