Oman Lighthouse

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

The proposal takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape as opposed to built forms creating a unique feeling of lightness within a sinuous form that resembles abstracted birds wings and half of the Oman national flag amongst various other formations. This form envelopes all building functions together whilst still allowing each entity to function autonomously both aesthetically and practically, using simple methods of construction to achieve a strong visual effect with a series of complex voids adding to the Piranesian experience.

The main emphasis of the design was set upon creating extroverted spaces, with all of the wing shaped volumes being carefully placed to create uninterrupted panoramic views similar to that of a lighthouse.

Maximizing the surrounding views out towards Muscat, the sea and the mountains, each space has a unique landscape vision and it is in this way that the entire complex functions as a lighthouse. This concept is further emphasized within the iconic tower that symbolizes the verticality of a lighthouse.

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