bausher, sultanate of oman

Totaling a plot area of 1,954 SQM, the Private Villa plot is on the edge of a cliff which is a privileged spot overlooking the surroundings and offering wonderful views and an exceptional orientation. The site is overgrown on a steeply inclined hillside with a wide prospect over the Bausher Area. Taking advantage of the 17m slope towards the Bausher, the incline played a pivotal role in the massing and shape of this villa.

The Basic conceptual idea behind this project was to build a home with three main objectives: achieving a good adaptation in the overall streetscape, inserting the building into the topography of the original terrain and implanting the client program: the result, conserving the environment with a potential of altering different views.

Carefully designed proportions are the key to the grace and beauty of this classical villa architecture. The massive scale of the home is offset by the simplicity of the landscape and the structures within it. Covered outdoor spaces sit naturally in the landscape, offering uninterrupted views. Even though the house is massive, it does not impose on the landscape; the swimming pool makes it appear as if the house is floating, giving it a light footprint despite its size.

This palatial home is a great example of how the characteristics of Neoclassical architecture are enhanced by its surroundings. All the design elements come together to create balance and harmony, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful home.

The pieces-de-resistance of the house is the magnificent spiral staircase topped with a glass dome and the pool that hugs the house in the rear. When not in use, it provides a soothing, reflective surface that elevates the design of the entire property.

The designed areas are distributed over 4 floors: ground floor, first floor, penthouse and a basement.  The lower levels houses the more public spaces where the family can entertain guests, while the upper level accommodates private bedrooms. 

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