Villa Majdelyoun

Majdelyoun, Lebanon

The existing buildings of the beautiful region of Majdelyoun traditionally are either vernacular small stone brick houses or cladded concrete buildings with systematic small openings. Daz intended to introduce a more modern building language constituted of raw concrete and glass, creating wide spanned openings and cast clean-cut interior spaces.

Due to its location and the need of views, the house faces east. This together with its position, sheltered by one side of the mountain, enables it to be protected from the south west wind. The light concrete walls laid out on the front façade create a series of intersecting intermediate spaces from the interior to the exterior. The project has materialized based on the conditioning factors in a play volumes formed by cubes and walls with singular angles that merge with each other and allow for the shaping of the interior space. In this way, the house is closed off at the part that is delimited by the entrance road (on the south and west sides) and opens up towards the view of north and east. 

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